Masterclass with Kirsten Schötteldreier

Kisten Schötteldreier is a world-renowned vocal performance coach, who has received international recognition preparing and coaching Opera singers for main solo roles for Opera productions at a wide range of leading Opera Houses in Europe. She uses her experience in holistic voice and energy work, on a vocal, physical and emotional level to prepare each singer performing, singing and articulating each role to the highest possible level.

In this masterclass, Schötteldreier will focus on opera repertoire and working with singers on technique, expression and presentation. She will guide you to find your true voice by connecting with your soul and inner feelings.

All singers may apply for this masterclass but we strongly recommend signing up quickly since active spaces are limited. Active participants will need to send in a short bio and two video links to be considered. Singers may have the opportunity to perform at the Gala Concert – the closing event of the International Week for Peace on the 7th August.

Event Details