Alexander Koller

Alexander Koller is one of our guest conductors. His choral existence began in Wels, Austria towards the beginning of the 80s.

Wolfram Stelzer Children’s Choir Wels, Choir of the Pichl Main School of Music, Choir of the Linz School of Music, Steinhauser Singkreis, Jeunesse Choir Linz, Chorus sine Nomine Vienna, World Youth Choir, Vienna Chamber Choir, Renaissemble, Company of Music, Chamber Choir of Europe, … # chorsingenistgeil

Performing contemporary choral music in all its nuanced facets and to captivate young people is one of Alexander Koller’s passions. Hard-Chor Linz, Linz Singakademie, choir of the musical Borg Linz, Vocalmania and the Upper Austrian State Choir, … # conductor

Fascinated by the pure, harmonious beauty of the human voice, Alexander Koller lives and works as a choir director, singer and teacher for vocal music.

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