Bengt Ollen

Choir conductor of the Year 2021 – Bengt Ollén
We in Sofia Vokalensemble are incredibly proud that Bengt has today been named choir conductor of
the year 2021!
“Today is a day of joy when I have been awarded the scholarship” Choir Conductor of the Year “by
the Rosenborg-Gehrman Foundation and the Swedish Choir Leaders’ Association. (Föreningen
Sveriges Körledare). I am proud and happy and feel very honored,” says Bengt.
Congratulations Bengt!
The full motivation below:
“Choir Leader of the Year is a person who, through his great love for and knowledge of both music
and people, has greatly contributed to consolidating Sweden’s position as a choir nation to be
reckoned with.
Through a long work in the service of choral music, this year’s Choir Leader has maintained a playful
and curious approach to choral work and thereby always presented new thinking and current choral
experiences – important for both performers and recipients.
This year’s Choir Leader has established himself as a strong choir personality both nationally and
internationally; partly through great success with his own ensemble in various prestigious
international competitions, partly through all his assignments as a guest teacher, workshop leader
and jury member worldwide.
This year’s Choir Leader is an ambassador for Swedish choir music, something that all collaborations
with composers show.
This year’s Choir Leader has, with his permissive attitude and great faith in his singers, contributed to
the renewal and development of Swedish choir singing. Several generations of young choir singers
have been guided through the mysteries of choral music by this dedicated educator. “

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