David Lee Brewer

I will bring you to the stage

Brewer International, a global player founded in 2004, was developed with one purpose in mind: To find, develop, and deliver the most exciting vocal talents to the professional world of music and performance. Our guiding belief: “I will bring you to the stage.”

So you wanna be famous?

My belonging to the upper echelon of the music business has its advantages. “So you wanna be famous?” I ask my singers. And then I tell them the truth.

That truth being that most times it is a very lonely business; it has been known to break even the best of them. I tell them two things about it:

  1. I tell them that it is one of the most thrilling rides they will ever have the opportunity to experience.
  2. Although thrilling, it can be an unforgiving and cruel business. It takes a disciplined mind and well balanced spirit to survive the power plays.

And still they want in.

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