Stefan Littmann

Stefan Littmann is a songwriter, composer and keyboard player/pianist from Hannover. Besides working as a live keyboard player for bands such as Strom&Wasser, Joachim Witt and RABEA, he is part of the team at the recording studio Institut für Wohlklangforschung

His musical career started, as most do, playing his mother’s pots and pans and the recorder before he had the first piano lessons at the age of 6. The fascination with music and especially keyboard instruments has remained with him ever since. As a graduate of the Hamburg Conservatory Popkurs and member of countless bands and ensembles, he has been working as a freelancer since 2015. 

In 2022 he will compose the music for the stage play Ja sind wir denn noch zu retten..? about the forest dieback in the German highland area Harz. With his band Strom&Wasser he will host the environmental protection project Die Rebellion der Gärten, that includes a tour with nearly 100 concerts, lectures and workshops all around Germany. Completing this kind of activism in music, he will participate in the World Choir for Peace Day, offering a workshop and creating an anthem of peace.

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