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Congress Centrum Hannover, Theodor- Heuss- Platz 1-3, 30175 Hannover

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Our Artists
John Rutter is an English composer and conductor, associated mainly with choral music and active internationally for many years. His larger choral works, Gloria, Requiem, Magnificat, Mass of the Children, The Gift of Life, and Visions, are widely performed around the world, and many of his shorter pieces such as The Lord bless you and keep you, For the beauty of the earth, Look at the world, and All things bright and beautiful have become ‘standards’. He has composed or arranged many Christmas carols. He established the Collegium record label in 1983 as a vehicle for recordings with his professional chamber choir the Cambridge Singers, and they have made over fifty recordings. He has enjoyed a long association with Clare College, Cambridge – first as student, then Director of Music, later as parent, and recording producer for their renowned choir.
Nicol Matt is the founder and Artistic Director of the Chamber Choir of Europe, the World Choir for Peace and the International Week for Peace Hanover. Almost one hundred CDs with award-winning recordings of highly demanding vocal, orchestral and instrumental works document his sophistication as an artist, these include recordings with renowned labels such as Deutsche Grammophon, Sony Classical, Hänssler Classic and Berlin Classics. He regularly receives invitations to perform at established international concert series. As producer Nicol Matt developed and initiated many new projects for the international TV and music industry, to support choirs and a cappella singing worldwide. As lecturer and judge he is regularly invited to international choir competitions, festivals and universities, to teach during workshops and master-classes for conductors and singers around the globe. He also has active partnerships with contemporary composers such as Morten Lauridsen, Sir Karl Jenkins, John Rutter and many more.
The Core Choir consists of 36 professional singers from 23 different nations. Many of whom performed on the 2020 Sony debut album “Peaceful Choir”, consisting of works from current composers and many newly commissioned songs. They were joined by Sony Classical Artists; Lavinia Meijer, Gereon Theis, Esther Abrami, Maarja Nuut, Tim Allhoff and Josefa Schmidt.  During the International Week for Peace they will be working closely with John Rutter and performing some of his works alongside his Requiem on the 6th August. They will also be performing at the Gala Concert on 7th August with a selection of songs taken from the album and new works featuring Lavinia Meijer.
Our Coaches
I will bring you to the stage Brewer International, a global player founded in 2004, was developed with one purpose in mind: To find, develop, and deliver the most exciting vocal talents to the professional world of music and performance. Our guiding belief: “I will bring you to the stage.” So you wanna be famous? My belonging to the upper echelon of the music business has its advantages. “So you wanna be famous?” I ask my singers. And then I tell them the truth. That truth being that most times it is a very lonely business; it has been known to break even the best of them. I tell them two things about it: I tell them that it is one of the most thrilling rides they will ever have the opportunity to experience. Although thrilling, it can be an unforgiving and cruel business. It takes a disciplined mind and well balanced spirit to survive the power plays. And still they want in. “Don’t dream your life. Live your dream” David Lee Brewer
Voice performance coach Kirsten Schötteldreier brings a powerful and playful awareness to vocal health with her holistic method of singing. “Sing with your heart” - increase your heart energy and physical condition for more authentic and joyful singing, opening the window into singing without restrictions and fear. Kirsten Schötteldreier not only is a vocal technique, energy and stage performance coach for young talents, but also works intensively with opera stars from Vienna, Amsterdam, Berlin, Milan and Bonn.
The Concert Venue
HCC I KUPPELSAAL HANNOVER GERMANY I Theodor-Heuss-Platz 1-3, 30175 Hannover
Buy Tickets
After buying your ticket online please be aware that workshops cannot be pre-booked. Just sign in for your chosen workshops at one of our registration descs on the day of the event itself. When you attend any of the events, please ensure to provide an appropriate form of ID (passport / student ID).

Inkl Mitsingkonzert und Onlineproben

Inkl Workshops

Inkl passive Teilnahme an einem Meisterkurs

Inkl Gala Konzert

Incl online rehearsals and live rehearsals

Incl workshops

Incl passive partipiant in one masterclass

Incl Gala Concert


Schüler und Studenten

Mitglieder internationaler und regionaler Chorverbände

For children and students

For members of international and regional choir associations

Mitsingkonzert (aktive Teilnahme) / Come and Sing (active participiant)

Inkl Onlineproben

Incl online rehearsals

Mitsingkonzert ermäßigt (aktive Teilnahme) / Come and Sing (active participant) concessionary price

Für Schüler und Studierende und für Mitglieder von internationalen und regionalen Chorverbände

For children, students and members of international and regional choir associations

Workshops ohne Konzert ermäßigt / All Workshops Without Concert (concessionary price)
Workshops ohne Konzert / All Workshops Without Concert
Meisterkurs für Dirigenten (passive Teilnahme) / Masterclass for Conductors (passive participants)
Meisterkurs für Sänger (passive Teilnahme) / Masterclass for Singers (passive participants)
Zuzahlung für Meisterkurs / additional payment for active participation in a masterclass

Bitte erst nach Zulassung zum Meisterkurs mit aktiver Teilnahme zu Ihrem vorhanden passiven Ticket dazu buchen.

Please only book after confirmation of active participation for the masterclass. This is in addition to your existing passive ticket.

Galakonzert Einzelticket (wird später freigegeben) / gala concert entrance ticket (coming soon)


kostenfreier Workshop der Hörregion Hannover: Musik anders hören und sehen, 20 Plätze
Eintritt zu kostenfreien Workshops I Ticket For Free Workshops
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The Concert For Peace is under the patronage of the Mayor of Hannover Mr. Belit Onay and the German UNESCO Commission
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